Exquisite Bride Obsession

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Exquisite Bride Obsession by Meyichi

An adventure-romance set in the Exalted Universe in which the main character tries to get married. Essentially an Exalted dating simulator with shenanigans. Was updated daily-ish, but stopped without warning in late September 2015.

Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.

Main Characters


Edge av.png
Mirth av.png

Sky's Edge | Mirth

Creature Type: Infernal Exalt

Caste: Fiend

Patron: The Ebon Dragon

Skills: Magical disguises, social savvy, being a jerk, looking surly

The shape-shifting, be-scarfed main character. He/she has made the Ebon Dragon very angry through past misdeeds (mis-misdeeds?) and must now perform the Exquisite Bride Obsession before bad things happen - in short, he/she must get married.

Bride Candidates

Grace av.png

Graceful Blossom in Full Bloom

Creature Type: Unknown

Occupation: Travelling musician, Thaumaturge (?), etc.

Location: Out-of-towners' Section

A young woman who seems to have been everywhere despite being very unworldly; she is clumsy and prone to blush at the slightest compliment.

Myria av.png

Myria Ashborn

Creature Type: Abyssal Exalt

Caste: Daybreak

Occupation: Scribe

Location: Undermarket

A Northern beauty with a marred visage. She's a woman of few words and many mysteries.

Crimson av.png

Warden Who Stands in Doorways Marked with Crimson

Creature Type: Lunar Exalt

Caste: Full Moon

Occupation: Sailor, manual laborer

Location: Docks

A genial Easterner with knowledge of Seatongue from his long years upon the ocean.

Dahlia av.png


Creature Type: Solar Exalt

Caste: Night

Occupation: Hawker of cheap baubles

Location: New City

A smooth-talking Southern girl with gang connections. She spends her days selling glass jewelry to tourists.

Feng av.png


Creature Type: Dragon-blooded

Aspect: Earth

Occupation: Gang member

Location: New City

A youthful-looking man from the Scavenger Lands, assigned to Mirth to "assist" her in her duties.


Amaranth av.png


Creature Type: Infernal Exalt

Caste: Malefactor

Patron: She Who Lives in Her Name

Location: Undermarket

A potential Bride, but more likely to be potential trouble. She is the only other Green Sun Prince that Edge knows of in Chiaroscuro.

Abel av.png

Abel Akhar

Creature Type: Unknown

Occupation: Gang leader

Location: New City

The boss of the gang that wears red. His people control much of the market above ground.

Justice av.png

Embattled Justice

Creature Type: Dragon-blooded

Aspect: Water

Occupation: Gambler, former Lookshyan military

Location: New City

A newcomer to the gambling houses that has been winning far too much to be just your average player.

Rook av.png


Creature Type: Unknown

Occupation: Shady merchant

Location: Undermarket

A trader with a terrifying owl mask. Apparently employs Graceful Blossom for something.

Meta Characters

Kamai av.png


Creature Type: Infernal Exalt

Caste: Scourge

Patron: Kimbery

The annoying little sister that nobody wishes they ever had. She really, really hates the ocean. The voices in her head love to torment her with nautical puns.

Lintha av.png

Lintha Gajui Sister Yurian

Creature Type: Infernal Exalt

Caste: Malefactor

Patron: The Ebon Dragon

A demon-blooded pirate with less fashion sense than fashion. Her Exaltation is a point of contention between the Ebon Dragon and the Sea That Marched Against the Flame.

Bear av.png

Imperious Bear

Creature Type: Infernal Exalt

Caste: Defiler

Patron: Adorjan

A meek girl who doesn't live up to her name. She's the quiet kind of person that everyone first suspects whenever anything goes wrong.

TED av.png

The Ebon Dragon

Once, there was a maiden...

....who struck an iron wall until it shattered her hand.

She did not stop, though cracks spread through her bones.

She did not stop, though blood sprayed her eyes.

She did not stop until she shattered the wall.

"Survival is fury," she said.


Appearances by the cast Inside the Quest.

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