Tgchan Groups

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We have various groups that have formed around the community with varying degrees of attendance.

  • #tgchan - the official channel for /tg/chan.
  • #questdis - the backup official channel for actually discussing quests when tgchan is busy being off topic.
  • Rubyquest Steam Group - For playing games with your fellow questers.
  • #EroticQuestFanfics - PORN
  • #questhunters - What occurs when tg and Monster Hunter meet.
  • #fiveohfive - For Hitman Quest and Princess Quest discussion. Weeaboos the lot of them.
  • #multiquest - Meant to be a place to coordinate MultiQuest, a multiple author quest. That died. Then it was a place to host the GmodQuest. That might have died too had it gotten a chance to live.
  • #Rubyquest - the original, yet still frequently used IRC channel.
  • #tgtop - Where to go when you want to tabletop... with tg! Get it?
  • #tgstation13 - the channel for TLE's tg/tgchan space station 13 server.